Our first Tweat up! La Casa Gelato in Vancouver :) 

On Friday May 15, 2009 with the end of Vancouver Digital Week, we decided to treat ourselves to something special!

The three of us ( @AprilFilms, @PeterDavies and @Dale42 met through Twitter) decided to meet up for some good eats and since Tweets and Eats was our theme of the afternoon, we had  a “Tweatup” for  great ice cream 🙂


In this photo @Dale42 ( Dale McGladdery) and @PeterDavies (Peter Davies) have arrived at La Casa Gelato http://www.lacasagelato.com/near Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The sun was hot and the weather was beautiful, so we decided to have a  Happy Ice Cream Day! 🙂

La Casa 2

@PeterDavies and @Dale42 cheering for ice cream! 🙂

La Casa 7

@PeterDavies attempts to find free wifi in the area by using @AprilFilms’s netbook so that he can “tweat” about his experience 🙂


@Dale42 and @PeterDavies play with @AprilFilms’ HTC Touch phone ( Since there was no wifi, only @AprilFilms could “Tweat” about the whole experience)

La Casa 13

In this last photo are @Dale42, Victor – owner of La Casa Gelato, @AprilFilms and @PeterDavies all enjoying delicious ice cream! 🙂

La Casa 10 Ice cream with Vince, the owner