Tweat up at Fets Bar and Grill on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Rob Jones @ Clippernolan and April Smith @ AprilFilms had a ” tweat up” at the Fets Bar and Grill on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

1 Fets Menu

Below is a photo of @Clippernolan relaxing with an tall cold Alexander Keith’s

2 Rob Jones at Fets bar on Commercial Drive

Fets Bar and Grill was chosen by @Clippernolan for the warm inviting patio on the Drive. In the photo below, notice the guitar shaped ironwork in the fencing 🙂

6 Fets Patio with Guitar shaped fencing

The food and drinks menu were very extensive! Fets Bar has another website called with their main one at

2A Rob ordering at Fets

Our wonderful waitress Samantha brought our meals

3 Rob Jones and BLT at Fets Bar on Commercial Dr

5 April's Salmon Burger

Our food was well made and comforting 🙂

Our Fets Bar and Grill was just what we needed on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the Drive. To see our Live tweets of our dining exerience, please see our twitter strem on the right hand side of this site 🙂